1995 Ford Mustang GT Adjust the Disc Parking Brake

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The disc parking brake on the 1995 Mustang GT is designed to compress the rear brake rotor to prevent the car from rolling. The parking brake is the Mustang's secondary braking system. Even if the front and rear brakes are not working properly, the parking brake can always be used to prevent the car from moving. Whenever the parking brake handle is pulled upward, the rear parking brake compresses to the side of the rear brake rotor. Over time, the parking brake will wear down and need to be adjusted to keep it working properly.

Tools Used[edit]

Open-end wrench set (Metric)

Adjust the Disc Parking Brake[edit]

  • Remove the center console from between the front seats by pressing the side levers inward and pulling up on the console at the same time. Set the console to the side.
  • Inspect the parking brake handle to ensure it is completely released and in the down position. Press the parking brake handle release button. Pull the parking brake upward four clicks and stop. Leave the parking brake sitting upward.
  • Look below the parking brake handle and locate the adjustment nut on the end of the adjustment cable rod. Loosen the adjustment nut with an open-end wrench until it is barely loose.
  • Push the parking brake handle release button back in and lower the parking brake handle until it is completely down. Turn the adjustment nut clockwise to tighten the nut until it is near the bottom of the parking brake handle.
  • Press the handle release button again and pull the parking brake upward as far as it will go. Lower the parking brake until it is completely in the down position. Repeat this up-and-down process a total of four times to properly adjust the parking brake.
  • Reinstall the center console between the seats until the console locks in place. Test the operation of the newly adjusted parking brake by parking the Mustang GT on an elevated surface and engaging the parking brake. The vehicle should remain firmly in place.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • You can also use regular pliers or needle nose pliers to loosen the parking brake handle adjustment nut.
  • Be sure to get the adjustment nut close to the bottom of the parking brake handle.
  • Be sure to follow the up-and-down adjustment process exactly four times to properly adjust the parking brake. If not, the parking brake will not be adjusted properly and will and cause the car to roll if parked on an elevated surface.