1995 Ford Escort Change a Water Pump

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The water pump on the 1995 Ford Escort circulates coolant around the engine to help keep it cool. When the water pump goes bad, the engine will begin to overheat, and you'll need to replace the pump. You can take your Escort to the garage for repair, or you can tackle the job yourself. Replacing the water pump is a bit tricky, but the project is one that you should be able to handle.

Tools Used[edit]

Drain pan
Marking crayon
Automobile jack
Jack stand
Water pipe gasket
Metric socket set
Metric wrench set

Change a Water Pump[edit]

  • Park the Escort on level ground and allow the engine to cool. Lift the hood and prop it open. Place a clean drain pan under the drain valve on the bottom of the radiator. Open the valve with a wrench and drain the coolant into the pan. Replace and tighten the valve after the coolant has drained.
  • Remove the timing belt cover using a ratchet and socket. Mark the position and direction of the timing belt. Pull the belt off the car by loosening the timing belt tensioner with a wrench.
  • Pull the dipstick out of the dipstick tube. Loosen the tube with a wrench and remove it from the engine.
  • Raise the front of the car with a jack. Push a jack stand under the frame of the car near the jacking point. Raise the jack stand up to the frame of the car.
  • Slide under the car and remove the two bolts from the water inlet pipe using a wrench. Remove the gasket and clean any residue from the mounting surface.
  • Remove all the bolts from the water pump except the top one, using a ratchet and socket. Remove the jack stand and lower the vehicle to the ground.
  • Remove the remaining water pump bolts using a socket and ratchet. Pull the water pump off the mounting surface. Clean any remaining gasket material from the water pump mounting surface with the scraper.
  • Put a new gasket and water pump in place on the engine. Tighten the upper bolts snugly with a wrench. Do not over-tighten them or you will damage the threads.
  • Raise the car with the jack and place the jack stand under the frame. Lift the jack stand up to the frame of the car.
  • Install the remaining water pump bolts and tighten them with a socket and ratchet. Again, do not over-tighten the bolts or you will damage the threads.
  • Place the new gasket and remount the water inlet pipe. Tighten it with a wrench. Remove the jack stand from under the car and lower the car to the ground.
  • Install the timing belt according the markings you made when removing it. Tighten the timing belt tensioner with a wrench. Replace the timing belt cover and tighten the bolts with the socket and ratchet.
  • Put the oil dipstick tube back into place and tighten the bolt with the wrench. Put the dipstick back into the tube.
  • Fill the cooling system with coolant through the radiator cap and the coolant reservoir. Start the car. Check the system thoroughly for any leaking.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • If the drained coolant is clean, you can reuse it in the cooling system.
  • Pets are attracted to engine coolant because it smells and tastes sweet. Take care to drain the coolant properly into a container, and store the container safely and securely. Always be sure to wipe up any spills.