1995 Buick LeSabre Remove the Starter

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Removing the starter motor from your 1995 Buick LaSabre will allow you to have it bench tested or replaced if the starter has stopped working. The starter on the LaSabre sits on the driver's side of the engine, near the back. In fact, it bolts to the engine block but protrudes into the bell housing to engage the flex plate on the engine. If you are removing it to replace it, the starter is available at any auto parts store.

Tools Used[edit]

Wrench set
Jack stands
Socket set

Remove the Starter[edit]

  • Locate the negative battery terminal on the battery in the engine compartment. Remove the retaining bolt from the battery cable end with a wrench. Lift the cable off the battery terminal and isolate if from the battery while you work on the starter.
  • Position a jack under the front suspension of the car and raise the front end off the ground. Place a set of jack stands under the frame rails and lower the jack until the car is resting securely on the stands. Locate the starter from under the car.
  • There are two connections on the back of the starter, one is the "B" terminal and is a large single wire, usually red in color. Remove the nut from this terminal with a socket and ratchet than slide the cable off. The second connector is the "S" terminal and is a smaller black cable. Remove the retaining nut from this terminal with your socket and ratchet next. Slide the cable off the terminal and set both the "B" and "S" cables aside for now.
  • Move to the front of the starter and locate the two mounting bolts that run up through the starter and into the engine block. Remove the outer bolt with a socket and ratchet first. Set it aside then remove the rear bolt with your socket and ratchet but this time, support the starter motor so it does not fall.
  • Lower the starter out of the engine compartment and then remove it from under the car. Make sure you save any hardware or shims that you took out as you remove the mounting bolts; you will need them to correctly reinstall the starter motor.