1994 Ford Tempo Change Brake Pads

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The brake pads on your 1994 Ford Tempo will wear down at some point in time. When they do, you must remove them and install new pads in their place. If you fail to do so, you will not only compromise the Tempo's stopping power and your safety, you also run the risk of potentially gouging the car's rotors. If this happens, new rotors, which can be expensive, must be installed. According to Scott Memmer of Edmunds.com, you should prepare to remove the old brake pads if their thickness appears to be less than ¼-inch.

Tools Used[edit]

Jack stands
Tire iron/lug wrench
Wrench or socket set
Brake cleaner

Change Brake Pads[edit]

  • Park the Tempo on flat ground and set its emergency brake. Place a solid block of wood or a brick behind the rear wheel.
  • Insert a jack under the Tempo. If you're using a hydraulic car jack, place it under the Tempo's front axle. If you're using the jack that came with the car, place it behind the front wheel, near the frame of the car. Jack the Tempo up so that its tire is off the ground. Then insert the jack stands beneath the Tempo. This will help safeguard both yourself and the car in the event of a jack failure.
  • Remove the Tempo's lug nuts. Use the tire iron/lug wrench that came with the car for this task. Turn the nuts counterclockwise to loosen and remove them. With the nuts completely removed, slide the wheel off of the car.
  • Clean the car's rotor assembly, caliper and pads with brake cleaner. Cans of aerosol brake cleaner may be purchased any auto supply store. Using the brake cleaner will remove harmful brake dust and other dirt that could interfere with the braking system.
  • Locate the two bolts on the back of the Tempo's caliper. These are slide bolts that hold the caliper onto the rotor. You must remove both bolts in order to detach the caliper and reach the brake pads. A wrench or socket will be needed to loosen and pull these bolts.
  • Grab the caliper with both hands after you've removed the slide bolts. Pull the Tempo's caliper from the mounting bracket on the rotor. Hold on to the caliper or rest it atop the rotor. Never permit the caliper to dangle freely from the brake line, as it could damage the line.
  • Pull the brake pads out of the bracket on the rotor. If the pads are stuck in place within the bracket you may need to pry them out using a screwdriver. Before removing the pads completely, however, you should pay close attention to how they're positioned. This way, you'll know how the new pads fit within the bracket.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • If you're going to be installing new pads, you will need a C-clamp to compress the piston within the caliper. If installing new pads, you should also take the cap off the master cylinder and remove some of the brake fluid. When you're done, make certain to replace the fluid.