1993 Buick Century Change Serpentine Belt

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The 1993 Buick Century cars with V6 engines use a serpentine belt to power the accessory systems in the vehicle. The single-belt serpentine-belt system replaced the old V-belt system, which used multiple belts to power the accessory systems. Owners should check the serpentine belt for cracks during regular maintenance intervals, especially after 60,000 miles of use, and replace the belt when necessary.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket-wrench set
Replacement serpentine belt

Change Serpentine Belt[edit]

  • Park the 1993 Buick Century on an even surface, engage the emergency brake and open the hood. Let the engine cool down before attempting to replace the serpentine belt.
  • Examine the serpentine-belt routing. The belt wraps around the alternator, power- steering, water-pump, crankshaft and tensioner pulleys. A belt-routing diagram is located in the engine compartment to help you determine the routing.
  • Place a socket wrench on the bolt in the middle of the tensioner pulley and rotate it to the left to loosen the serpentine belt. The tensioner pulley is located between the power-steering and crankshaft pulleys.
  • Slide the serpentine belt off the power-steering pulley and rotate the tensioner pulley back to the right.
  • Remove the belt from the remaining pulleys and discard it.
  • Install the replacement serpentine belt around all of the pulleys except the tensioner pulley. Use the belt diagram as a guide for proper routing of the belt.
  • Move the tensioner pulley to the right with the socket wrench, install the belt on the power-steering pulley and return the tensioner pulley to its starting position. The serpentine belt will tighten around all of the pulleys when the tensioner pulley is returned.
  • Check the placement of the serpentine belt on all of the pulleys. The serpentine belt must sit in the center groove of all of the pulleys to ensure proper operation.