1991 Toyota Corolla Repair the Brake Shoes

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Maintaining the braking system on your vehicle is essential to proper car maintenance. In older cars, such as the 1991 Toyota Corolla, you will need to replace the brake shoes when you hear the car make a squealing noise when braking. Follow these steps to replace the old brake shoes with new ones, improving your vehicle´s braking ability and ensuring your safety.

Tools Used[edit]

Lug nut wrench
Car jack
Jack stand
Brake spring tool

Repair the Brake Shoes[edit]

  • Raise the rear of your Corolla with a car jack on the driver´s side and place a jack stand under the rear axle. Loosen and remove the lug nuts from the wheel with a lug nut wrench.
  • Remove the wheel and locate the brake drum -- the large circular metal assembly that you will see after removing the wheel. Remove the brake drum by striking its outer rim with a hammer then pull it off.
  • Use a brake spring tool to remove the actuator return spring. Locate and remove the actuator link -- this is connected to the brake shoe and the anchor pin. Use the spring brake tool to remove the spring assembly. Once you have done this, you will be able to remove the entire actuator assembly manually.
  • Remove the brake shoe and install a new one. Replace the actuator assembly and reinstall the spring assembly and actuator link. Replace the brake drum and remount the wheel, securing it with the lug nuts and the lug nut wrench.
  • Repeat the above steps for the passenger´s side rear wheel.